Need a documentary suggestion?

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We might just have a solution for you!

As documentary lovers, many of our friends come to us for documentary recommendations.

We though we would share our list with you in the form of Documentary Tuesday.
These documentary sugestions aim to make you feel good about the world or give you insights into new ways of being and living.

Every Tuesday, you can look forward to a new recommendation. So, follow us or check back in…
Most of these documentaries can be found on, Amazon and other sites.


In honor of launching “Documentary Tuesday” we will start off by recommending 3 wonderful documentaries for your viewing pleasure.

#1, “Somm is a nail bitting documentary about what it takes to be a Master somelier, or how to drink a lot and be admired for it… Check out “Somm” and tell us what you think.

#2, Sherpa (HBO), an intimate look into the world of Sherpas. The men and their families who help climbers summit mount Everest.

#3, Hidding and Seeking, a low budget but gripping documentary about a family that looks into it’s past & is forced to confront it’s strongly held beliefs.

Hope you enjoy these and check back each Tuesday for a great new documentary to watch. Be sure to share these with your friends.

all the best, Terra Linda Films